The Albuquerque Center for Plastic Surgery has a complete line of skin care treatments and products. We customize each treatment based on our patient’s needs as determined by our licensed skin Aesthetician. All of our facials are results oriented, using the most effective products available through a doctor.

This signature facial is an excellent first-time treatment that can be customized to meet all skin types and needs. It helps keep the skin smooth, healthy and free of future breakouts and congestion.

This antioxidant treatment is formulated to hydrate, fight free radical damage, and help combat hyperpigmentation. The skin will have a more relaxed, radiant and youthful complexion.

This is an ideal choice for helping to improve acne, breakout-prone skin and sluggish, dull complexions. It offers anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits to create clear healthy skin. Great for teens.

A clarifying and exfoliating treatment that softens and detoxifies the skin of the back, while providing deep moisturizing benefits to reveal a healthy glow.