An “aging face” can be improved to look more rested or youthful for one’s age with an operation called a Rhytidectomy. This procedure can be performed by itself or in conjunction with eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) or brow lift. Fullness along the jaw line, prominent folds near the cheek and nose as well as hanging skin and fatty tissue in the neck can be repositioned to establish a more youthful profile and neck line.

Fat Transfers for Volume

In addition, Dr. Loutfy can perform fat transfers to the face to add volume. It looks more natural than fillers, and helps the overall texture of the skin.

Many incision or scar patterns have been described by plastic surgeons, and the common link is to design a pattern that is best suited for the individual patient’s needs.

Very fine lines within the skin are not usually improved with a facelift, however, “jowls” and the “double chin” are usually markedly improved, and with realistic expectations, a more rested or youthful appearance is gained.

Complications are rare – but must be thoroughly discussed and considered before you decide to have surgery.